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Shylmagoghnar is a Progressive/Atmospheric Black Metal project founded by Nimblkorg and Skirge.

The world of Shylmagoghnar is one that thrives on opposites: raw soundscapes meet pure elegy, and destruction gives way to harmony.

The band has perfected a unique sound of their own that made listeners hold their breath in awe starting with their exceptional debut Emergence in 2014.

Atmospheric black metal and harsh vocals burst into progressive guitar melodies deeply rooted in melodic death metal creating a rather melancholic and yet playful set-up indulging in themes of our existence in all its monumental beauty and horrible chasms.

The Dutch duo turned Transcience into a multi-faceted and mature genre highlight
that manages to make tristesse glimmer in strange colors!


Nimblkorg – Music, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths, Production
Skirge – Vocals, Lyrics, Additional Compositions


Emergence 2014
Transience 2018

1. I Am The Abyss 0:00
2. Emergence 8:50
3. Edin in Ashes 15:17
4. This World Shall Fall 21:36
5. Squandered Paradise 25:04
6. Eternal Forest 29:29
7. The Cosmic Tide 33:51
8. A New Dawn 40:28
9. The Sun No Longer 47:06
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