Saraptor’s News aim to serve you news about things that interest us. It can be anything from, the sun, the moon, love, hate, war, games and so on.

We are not doing this for commercial gain. That said, it’s nice to earn some gold from time to time.

Saraptor’s News don’t have any agenda. If we like it, we tell you that, if not, we tell you that too.

This is, well obviously and hopefully a wide range of…well you guessed it! NEWS! that catches our attention.

Another category that is very self explanatory. It is mainly about video games on all platforms.

Here is where the hopefully funny, sarcastic and mindless fun goes.

Sometimes we share a little music we like, from YouTube or any other source we see fit.

…or WHAT THE FUCK for those who haven’t paid attention. We get annoyed from time to time and it usually ends up in here.