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OUT NOW! No Rest for the Wicked

Fuck, another one…Another ARPG releases today. (Early Access) No Rest for the Wicked is  from the people that made Ori and the Blind Forest and...

FREE! From Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store been giving away free games each week since 2019. Completely free, no strings attached. Almost to good to be true…

The Games of 2024

A new gaming year is here and hopefully we get some good ones.

OUT NOW: Dragon’s Dogma 2

The first game was, different! I was way to busy doing other things when the first one came out back in 2012. But I replayed...

ELDEN RING: Shadow of the Erdtree Release Date

There is going to be a 3 minute long Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer, today!

OUT NOW! Enshrouded

The realm of Embervale is lost. In their greed for magical power, your ancestors unleashed a pestilence that consumed the world.

OUT NOW! Palworld

Fight, farm, build and work alongside mysterious creatures called “Pals” in this completely new multiplayer, open world survival and crafting game!

Lords of the Fallen Update v.1.1.441

This update brings with it some critical crash fixes, as well as improvements to multiplayer connectivity, alongside an additional 40 tweaks for further stability and...

Saraptor’s News: GotY 2023

Another gaming year has gone by for us who love to shuffle well organized pixels around the screen for no reason other than pure joy!

Lords of the Fallen: Trial of the Three Spirits

More content to our favorite game! Right in time for X-mas. This update includes: FINALLY! STORAGE CHEST! and SNOWBALLS! and lots more. Here is the...