The Lycan of Mendip Hills

If you roamed the hills of Mendip Hill near Cheddar, Somerset, you’d probably have caught a glimpse of a huge chalk artwork of a lycan. Local press reported the strange image on Monday after it popped up overnight, they had no idea what it was about or who made it.

The true nature of the “beast” was revealed Friday, when Resident Evil Village came out. It was a Capcom PR stunt, and a damned nice one too 🙂


Hill figures in grass are a popular phenomenon in England, with other examples including the Uffington White Horse and the Long Man of Wilmington. Only the Uffington White Horse appears to retain a prehistoric shape, while the Cerne Abbas Giant may be prehistoric, Romano-British, or Early Modern and a “little” bit horny 😉

Author: Saraptor

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