Saraptor’s News: GotY 2023

Another gaming year has gone by for us who love to shuffle well organized pixels around the screen for no reason other than pure joy!

Saraptor’s Game Of The Year 2023:


After a rough start this game really came around. The dual world thing is a nice touch and I’m really happy it turned out great.

Some say Lies of P is the best souls like game not made by From Software this year. I don’t agree. Don’t get me wrong, Lies of P is a great game, but the setting is way off I think. And to be honest Lords of the Fallen did the Souls series justice in almost every way. And it even expanded on the formula with the two worlds. The lamp and all make me think of Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver.

Anyway, if they went for something like this back in 2014 with the first one, Lords of the Fallen would have been huge. Luckily this is not like the 2014 version at all and that’s a very good thing.

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