New World Closed Beta

The New World Closed Beta has launched and it looks pretty popular on both Steam and Twitch. 107k viewers watching now and it’s still in maintenance 😀

I got it yesterday evening, but with place number 1349 in login que I went for bed instead 😛

But this morning I got in, only to see that maintenance was scheduled in 2 hours…fuck. Well I got to play a little and I must say, except from some issues, the world looks pretty good and it “felt right”. Need to play some more obviously. Things that was annoying was the running animation and as almost always in games like this…why do the bloody character run so insanely slooooow! This is a game that “needs” mounts (or speed it up)

That said the questing and as mentioned the world was pretty good. Looking forward to the release on 31 August.

You you want in on the beta you can get it on Amazon and Steam

Author: Saraptor

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