Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Or “Melodi Grand Prix” as we like to call it here in our northern part of the world. It has become a big circus and I could spend a lot of time talking about that, but I won’t.

In between all the glam and fruitiness there are good things too and some nostalgic memories attached to the damned thing. It’s something “you got to watch”, even if it’s only to complain (every fucking year) about how bad most of the songs are.

This originated from my curiosity to see the full list, 1-26. You know, winners and losers from best to worst, which turned out to be not an easy task. Maybe “someone” trying to hide the fact that 3 of the “Big 5” placed solid on the bottom of the list? But what do I know? 😉 Anyway, I decided to make one myself.

Place: Flag: Country: Points: Artist/Song:
1 Italy 524 MÃ¥neskin – «Zitti e buoni»
2 France 499 Barbara Pravi – «Voilà»
3 Switzerland 432 Gjon’s Tears – «Tout l‘Univers»
4 Iceland 378 Daði og Gagnamagnið – «10 Years»
5 Ukraine 364 Go_A – «Shum»
6 Finland 301 Blind Channel – «Dark Side»
7 Malta 255 Destiny – «Je me casse»
8 Lithuania 220 The Roop – «Discoteque»
9 Russia 204 Manizja – «Russian Woman»
10 Greece 170 Stefania – «Last Dance»
11 Bulgaria 170 Victoria – «Growing Up Is Getting Old»
12 Portugal 153 The Black Mamba – «Love Is on My Side»
13 Moldova 115 Natalia Gordienko – «Sugar»
14 Sweden 109 Tusse – «Voices»
15 Serbia 102 Hurricane – «Loco Loco»
16 Cyprus 94 Élena Tsagrinoú – «El Diablo»
17 Israel 93 Eden Alene – «Set Me Free»
18 Norway 75 TIX – «Fallen Angel»
19 Belgium 74 Hooverphonic – «The Wrong Place»
20 Azerbaijan 65 Efendi – «Mata Hari»
21 Albania 57 Anxhela Peristeri – «Karma»
22 San Marino 50 Senhit med Flo Rida – «Adrenalina»
23 Netherlands 11 Jeangu Macrooy – «Birth of a New Age»
24 Spain 6 Blas Cantó – «Voy a quedarme»
25 Germany 3 Jendrik – «I Don’t Feel Hate»
26 United Kingdom 0 James Newman – «Embers»

So there you have it, the winner is MÃ¥neskin, Italy! Congratulations!

Måneskin wins Eurovision: ‘We just want to say to the whole world, Rock and Roll never dies!’
Those words in mind, maybe Norway would be better off sending JORN to the finals instead of TIX, who knows 😉

The Eurovision Song Contest:
Based on the Sanremo Music Festival held in Italy since 1951, Eurovision Song Contest, sometimes shortened down to ESC, is an international song competition organized annually (apart from 2020) since 1956 by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It features participants representing primarily European countries. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and radio, transmitted to national broadcasters via the EBU’s Eurovision and Euroradio networks, with competing countries then casting votes for the other countries’ songs to determine a winner.

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