WTF? Only Want Quality Tourists

Read in our so called, non commercial, “people founded” media channel, that the hotel owner of 29 | 2 Aurland mostly want quality tourism.

The hotel 29 | 2 Aurland suffered an ugly loss last year of several millions, still she is convinced that it is quality tourism that is the future, not the mass tourism that has characterized parts of Indre Sogn.

She wants you to spend more money!
– For example, we ask for a minimum stay of two nights. We ask that a three-course dinner is included, we often ask for an activity. Then they do not rush through the village. They put their money in the village, not just for the cruise company or the souvenir shop.

The reason they “rush trough” Norway is that the prices are so ridiculously high that they want to get the fuck out as fast as possible…

Great add by NRK btw…oh, wait they don’t do that 😉


Here are the prices for reference:

Room prices pr night for 2 persons, with a farmer´s breakfast, 3 course local and organic dinner and coffee & tea with a local snack included.

Our rooms
The historic single rooms, “Grandfather” and “Theresa” (1 person pr night only)
3000 NOK

The historic double, “Vassaasen”
4800 NOK

The contemporary superior double, “Sherpa”
4800 NOK

The historic superior double, “Buxton”
5000 NOK

The contemporary deluxe double, “Ola”
5200 NOK

The historic deluxe plus double, “Ekman”
5300 NOK

The contemporary one bedroom suite, “Jericho”
6300 NOK

The contemporary one bedroom suite, “Liverpool”
6300 NOK

The historic two bedroom suite, “Grandmother”
6700 NOK

The historic Fishermans cabin – as a unit (2 single bedrooms, 3 double bedrooms)
19 000 NOK

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