WTF? Refuse to Give Birth

MDG-politician Josefine Gjerde will not have children until she is confident that the world will reach the goals in the Paris Agreement.

“My uterus and I refuse to go into childbirth for Erna Solberg as long as she does not do enough to stop the climate crisis and ensure my and future generations a secure future on a livable planet,” Josefine Gjerde told Dagbladet.

– I fear for the future of the children. We have to halve emissions if we are to achieve our goals, and at today’s pace I’m not sure we can do it. I do not want to put children to life when we do not know what the world will look like, says the 22-year-old.

To be perfectly honest, if everyone from that shit political party refuse to pass their genes on to future generations I know at least I’ll be very happy 😉

Author: Bri6id

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