WTF? No(r)way

Strawberry farmer is willing to give up a third of the profit rather than to release (young) Norwegians workers into the field.

A strawberry farmer from Telemark, Norway hope that the regular pickers from Poland and Lithuania will be allowed in, in spite of the corona restrictions. But the applications are still pending, and the first strawberries start popping up in a few weeks.

He does not dare to rely on Norwegian labor.

The original statement reported by as Norwegian news site:

– “Yes, I am willing to pay up to 200,000 kroner for the regulars workers from Poland and Lithuania who I know can do the job, rather than using 100 inexperienced Norwegians who I have no idea will work or not.”

What they almost always fail to mention when they talk about things like this, is that the imported workers get payed way less, therefore more profit for the farmer and cheaper strawberries to the people!

Also, I bet it’s easier to motivate a worker to work their ass off for 5-6 weeks, earning up to 6 months salary in 6 weeks, than it is to pay young Norwegians with a bachelor grad to do the job 😉

Author: Saraptor

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