WTF? Banned on Her Birthday

Twitch streamer quqco got banned yesterday for showing off to much of her “birthday dress” (pun intended) celebrating her 1000th birthday. Yes, she is an elf…

I came across her stream while surfing Twitch for some Dark Souls 3 where she was heavily into DS3, to say it mildly.
And before you go off, it actually was Dark Souls 3 stuff I was after. Anyway, she was fun to watch so I drop by her streams from time to time, also yesterday. I saw the dress she was wearing and I must say “it was bound to happen”. But seriously Twitch, is this to much? Not only that, she say (all the time) that she wear pasties on her nipples while streaming.

Here is a picture and a clip from the stream so you can judge for yourself if this is too much or not:

I guess if she had a bucket of water and some kitty sand around she could have passed off as one of the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches streamers, which show of way more, and in most cases, for that reason only…

Personally I think Twitch did her wrong and should apologize, but that’s not going to happen 😛

Here is from her Twitter about yesterday:

She is an art streamer btw 😉 Check out her links here

Author: Saraptor

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