IT’S FRIDAY! Vacation in No(r)way?

If you live in Norway or planning to visit the land of Vikings (or at least it used to be) this summer, here are 6 things you should remember:


  1. Bring money!
  2. Lots of it!
  3. Take some extra money in case of you don’t have enough!
  4. Bring all your credit cards!
  5. Buy everything, don’t look at the price!
  6. Did I forget something? I don’t remember. Take some more money to be sure you got enough to get the fuck out…

Happy Friday everyone! 😉

Author: Bri6id

Bri6id is from the land behind the stars. She only come out at night to re-arrange the coffee grains for her own amusement. She also love raw meat and hate vegans.

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